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Angry tortoise tries to bite kitten jelly bean toes but fails miserably 👎

“Wait, I can bite him… Okay I can’t. ” “Poor tortoise, she tries her best but she needs glasses.” 😎 “Sleepy kitty? Zero f*cks given!” 😹 [Video: Marc Endtricht @YouTube]

Amazing interspecies friendship: cat chillin’ in an ocean of... ducklings!

“When you take a nap under the warmest blanket .” 😁 “OMG! How cute and wonderful, this can not be true…” 😍

2 big cats chilling in the sink (They need a bigger sink) 😂

“WHAT? If we fit, we chill together!” “Bae and me in the bathtub yesterday.” 👧👦 [Video @missenell]

Liquid kitten upside down, jumping in a narrow vase! 👀

“Here’s our 4-month old kitten ‘Pantera’ playing upside down in a ceramic vase. She loves to growl and squeak while rolling around in the vase.” “Funny snake-tail.” [Video: Mihaela Wachsman @YouTube]