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Funny cat massages 'her' sheep with love 💕

“My 3 year old sheep, named 'Waffles', laying in her stall sleeping while my 1 year old barn cat, named 'Luci', rubs her face in her wool and messages her shoulders.” “The sheep: 'WHAT? SFW, we're just friends, nothing else.'” 😁 [Video via]

Patient cat knows he needs a good haircut 😸

“Look how calm he is! I want a cat that will let me do that!” 👍 “That is so cute. My kitty would bite the hell outta me.” 😂

BOOM! Tired kitten can't help falling asleep like a stone 👀

Huge 'nap attack'! Resistance is futile, good night baby 💤 💤 [Video: Carmyn Parks @YouTube]