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🐽 Shhh... Day 28 and they (cats) still suspect nothing...

Funny teacup potbelly piglet thinks he is a (pink) kitten 😝 “4 week old potbelly piglet, Stewart, snuggling with momma Kitty and her 4 week old kittens. Cute family.” [Video: lhaas82 @YouTube]

Cats manage to drink milk/water in deep & narrow drinking glasses! (x2)

😸 “Coz the same milk tastes better in a drinking glass than in a water bowl!” Cats are liquid, so cat + milk = milk cat! 😁 “That's the CAT LOGIC!” And this cat drinks water in the same way!

Crazy indoor Parkour Mode activated!

“Acrobat kitty, such a great jumper!” 👍 “Do you mean PARKOUR or...PURRKOUR? 😆 'Angel' Bengal: “You say I’m crazy but you only seen level one!” “Those are Olympics-level gymnastics moves!” “Spidercat! Spidercat! Duz whatever a spidercat duz.” [Video @angelbengal]

Cute tiny kitten on her back...

... pulsing in a kitty way. ”Hug me Mom, I need your love.”  💕 “Belly rubs please...” “Big head + tiny body and legs.” 😊