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Amazing cat: Mode ‘Standing up + Walking backwards + Moonwalk’ activated! 😸

“I just love the way he wiggles when walking backwards.” 👩 “Our house cats are evolving like the raptors in Jurassic park, soon they will open kitchen door to get fresh fish in the fridge.” 👀 “When your cat is fuck*ng high on catnip!” “I think he's DRUNK!” 😂 [Video: ko tama @YouTube]

Cute ‘MeerCat’ is a purrfect bodyguard for his hoomans! 👌

“So cute with his short legs and big rounded eyes.” “Wait Mom, I sense danger...” “Looks like me while I’m waiting for the chicken curry to be delivered to my house.” 😂 [Video @mugimeshi323]

Epic kitten jump fail 😹

“Kitty falls from bed: he is playful, fast but clumsy and gravity won again... haha.” “Poor innocent kitty, IT WAS A TRAP!” 😋 “Wait for it.” [Video: Bivi Dan @YouTube]