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🎂 Happy birthday my beloved kitty! 🎂

“F*ck your birthday cake 💥 I told you I hate chocolate!” “Silly hooman, I'm not 1 year old, I'm...5 years old!” 😾 “Super fast, but I think he forgot to make a wish, hahaha!” 😂 “Me at any social event.” 👧 “Stupid human, today is NOT my born day!” “I HATE BIRTHDAYS, STOP REMINDING ME I AM GETTING OLD!” 😼 “Me wen I want a big smooch.”

“C’mon honey, don't be shy, gimme a big 💋”

“So sweet and cute kitty, in 💕 love with his human.” “Me wen I want a big smooch.” They're evolving, now they steal our girl friends! 😢

It's self grooming time for this adorable kitty

She is a so precious baby 💖 good girl [Video @matatabi_neko_house]