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Sometimes Life is hard but…NEVER GIVE UP!

“Oh Yeah, good girl, she did it finally!” John Lennon: “There are no problems, only solutions.” 👍 “Congrats clever Kitty.” 👏 “Hmmm...Is it a ear of corn?” 👀 (vegan cat?) “Oh my gosh, poor cat, I desperately wanted to help but happy end.” 😓 “At the end, she looks so proud, walking away like “Nothing happened here”, hahaha.” 😂

Adorable fluffy kitten meowing (crying?) hard 😿

“I'm hungry Mom, stop filming and feed meeeeeeee(ow)” “Please feed her, she's a good girl!” [Video: Anita Cremades]

“Gimme high five kitty, and I give you a delicious treat.”

‘Challenge accepted’, human 😻 “Awwdorable kitty” 💛 [Video @littlemunchiepooky ]