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Funny fearful cat in the vet’s office! 🙀

“Me, hiding from my responsibilities.” “Cat logic: he can’t see the vet, so the vet can’t see him.” 😸 “Or: ”You can’t see me if I can’t see you!” “Get me the f*ck out of here would be filed under ‘N’ for Nope.” “It filed itself under ‘C’ for cat.” “Or ‘S’ for Scared.” “Or ‘I’ for Invisible” “Or ‘F’ for Fearful.” “Or ‘H’ for Hidden” “'If it fits I sits' Level: scary.” 😁 “This poor scared cat doesn't understand that the vet is there to help him.” “I feel for him, that's me anywhere near needles and doctors (and women with big boobs, haha)” “He's playing hide and seek with the vet and he thinks It's THE PURRFECT hiding spot.” “Mode CATmouflage activated.”

Amazing ‘otter kitten’ having fun with water 💦 on his belly!

“Kittens are cute, funny and unpredictable, sometimes they believe that they are human beings.” “So relaxing, he's falling asleep...” 💤 “Funny tail.” 😋 “Cradling the wet baby.” [Video: Greater Androscoggin Humane Society @YouTube]

Funny ‘squirrel cat’ trotting in a funny way (when it's time to go home)

“OMG, look at that super fantastic fluffy tail!” “Beautiful and the fluffiest tail ever.” “Cats with squirrel tail are pawesome.” “Me on my way to steal your heart.” [Video @primuscat]