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A weird døg? NO! A cat? NOT exactly! It’s a weirdo “Werewolfcat”! 🙀

“Pawsome fur but I think he needs a good haircut, haha.” 😂 “The face is rare and priceless.” 😍 “Amazing Persian cat!” “The real 'CatDøg'.” “My hair, Monday morning when I wake up!” 👩 [IG @atchoumfan]

“Howdy pretty girl, I was waiting for you, ready for bed?” 😻

“My lazy cat chillin' on my pillow in my bed, every day that I come home from work…” 👀 “Too damn cute and funny. And the look says 'No way am I giving up this spot, human!'” “WHAT? Just resting my tired hind paws.” 😸 “Me waiting for bae to come back from work.” 😋 “My cats love lying like that in front of the air conditioner too on real hot days.” [Video @tinaf78]

BOOM! 💔 Your heart just exploded from cuteness

“This is ‘Cotton’, a super cuuute Scottish fold kitten, female.” “So precious, so sweet kitty” 💓 “Why do kittens need to be so fuck*ng adorable? Whyyyyyy?” 🙀 [Video: cotton220000 @YouTube]