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DEAD! 💀 When your (dramatic) cat hates food for humans!

“BLARGH! That fuck*ng shit killed me, I’m dead!” “OMG, those dramatic orange eyes!” 👀 “OWNED!” 😂

Treat? Hungry kitten fails at climbing a big cushion 😹

“Awwww, poor wee thing, so cute! The life learning process.” “Poor little guy, it was a trap!” “So innocent , so snuzzy.” 😻 “WASTED!” 💥 [Video: Xeramin @YouTube]

Owner: “Kitty, a surprise for you!” • Cute ‘Pooky’: “New gift for me, Dad?”

Owner: “‘Pooky’ is enjoying ‘Organic Prebiotics’. A few months ago she had to be hospitalized for days due to severe gastroenteritis. It was heartbreaking for her Hooman to see her so sick and alone in the hospital. So, Hooman will be using these probiotics to help prevent that from happening again!” “She’s so cute, I can’t even…” “I love the little Meerkat stand Pooky does. So adorable.” “Love how she stood & sniffed from her curiosity kitty.” [Video @littlemunchiepooky]