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“C'mon kitty... left thigh massage please. Hurry up!” 👧

“YAAAAS... at your service Madam.” (and he gave you the look, is this good enough?” “Omg he came up right away! ” “So funny and cute, god boy.” 👌 [Video @mr.ninja_kit]

Desperate kitten tries to get out of bathtub! 😂

“Poor kitty, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL but it's funny” “Curiosity, always curiosity, and...” 🙀 [Video: hiatus86 @YouTube]

BOOM! 💥 Jump fail. Poor kitten tried to jump from couch to bed

Cute Scottish fold 'MirMir': “Oops, something went wrong.” 🙀 [Video: S. Yilmaz @YouTube]