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Spring time 💗 Kitten tree is in full bloom 💗

“Wow. It's a Meow meow flower!” “I would like a cute bouquet, please. How much?” 👧 “So cute, funny and cool kitty.” 👍 “OK human, you got your video, can I come down now?” “Nope. HANG IN THERE , kitty!” 😋

“Weeeeeeeee!” 😸 Happy cat enjoying the treadmill in a funny way!

“Running…Pouncing…Running…Pouncing.” “Me trying to work out.” 😁 “Saturday morning: footage of me on the treadmill.”

“Honey, call the exorcist, kitty is possessed!” 😱

“No, I think your cat is drunk, hahaha!” 😜 “Do you mean...WASTED!” “Hmmm... cat.exe is totally broken. Call the cat hotline” 😂