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Cute American curl kitten doesn't want to wake up 💤💤

Funny and cute ears :) “Wake up my Kitty.” “Nope, Do NOT want, I'm too tired, 5 more minutes please.” [Video @munchkin_minnie] “OH, C'MON! JUST GIVE ME 5 MORE MINUTES!”

2 cats + a woman >> Love ❤️ Train 🚅 🚅 🚅

“Purrfect Team work & Team spirit” 👍 “My littlest cat 13 months licks me! Yuck! I don’t like the felling of sandpaper tongue against my skin.” 💕 [Video @niadefazio]

Weeeeee! Cat finally gets to ride a roller coaster, haha 😸

“At long last, Mr Stinky’s dream of going on a roller coaster finally comes true. He’s loving it!” 😋 [h/t: rubenve]