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Good night, sweet dreams my beloved 'baby' 💕

“Amazingly cute because if the cat didn’t like it or was uncomfortable then he would move.” “Oh my gawd, so freakin’ cute!” 💙💛💜💚 “Whenever my parents think my treatment of my kitty is too much… watch this!” 👧 [Video: Miss Luckymeeboon]

Suddenly... a wild sneak attack 💥 (and you never see it coming!)

“But whyyyy?” “Well, I'm pretty sure my cat is the DEVIL , haha.” 😈  “Because cats can be JERK, that’s why. For no reason, F*ck you!” “C’mon… now FiNiSH HiM!” 😁

Cute kitty grooming his left paw

💖 Such a cutie pie 💖 “Cats and kitties are widely considered the cleanest of all domestic pets. That’s because cats are passionate about grooming and self-care.” 👍 😻 👏 [Video @kcylewa]