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“WHAAAT? There’s another cat outside? Get away from my house!” 😼

OMG kitty, what a mess, my puzzle is dead ! RIP + 😩 “When the drugs catnip finally kicks in…” 😂 “DOUBLE epic jump fail (but 'Never gives up!')” 👍 “Angry + Fast and purrious!” 💥 [Video: __ashleysmashley__@TikTok]

Funny ‘Two in one’. Eating and working out at the same time 👌

“Dynamic Om Nom Nom for hungry kitten.”👍 [Video: Cat Food Commercial @YouTube ]

Leaping cat is leaping (in the kitchen)

“OMG! OMG! It's my fav treat, I'm so happy!” 😻 “That’s a kangaroo dance.” 😁 “Haha, made my day a little brighter.” ☼ “Me when bae gives me a super burrito!” “Cat's reactions are fuckin’ weird and…funny.” [Video @andraslead]