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When your cat talks to mice! 🐭 🐭 🐭

“Hi girls, how are you this morning? Do you ear me or are you still sleeping?”

“Walking my fluffy Cabbit” 😸🐰 (bunnywalk)

“That is the furriest fur-baby I have ever seen! That is one epic catwalk.“ 👏 “What kind of bunny is this?” 😋 “Can’t wait to hike so I can shed some of my floof with my floofy man...”  “I'm not fat just super fluffy!” 😼 “Yep you're gorgeous.” 👌 “Fluffiest Garfield ever.” “Man an cat, together they're breaking the rules.” 💣 [Video @therealpercythepersian]

Curious kitten fascinated by the magic washing machine

“I wonder if that super cute little ginger kitty💗 is waiting for his favorite blankie to come out?” [Video: fuwafuwanekochan @YouTube]