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When your cat doesn’t want to be kissed despite 4 attempts! 💋 💋 💋 💋

“Nooope! Don't kiss me, I'm married!” 🙀 “Cooome ooon…boy…we’re not in public…” 👩 “Funny and DRAMATIC reaction, haha.” 😂 “Because clever cat knows what is the “ Mortal Kiss ”. 😼 “Wait for it, because CAT !” 😋 “That’s how my (jerk) cat acts when I try to kiss her, haha.” 💋 “Social distancing please, you purrfectly know that the COVID-19 pandemic is not completely over!”

Playful kitty *madly* jumps on couch but gets stuck behind cushion! 😂

“HAAALP homan! I immediately regret this - poor- decision!” 😿 “Clearly, this jump was a...suicide!” 😄 [Video: Kyoot Animals @YouTube]

How to fold a super flexible kitten! 👀

“OMG, it's incredible, cats are so flexible and...liquid!”👍 “I have no idea what my human is doing with my body but it's funny.” “Boneless kitty is boneless!!!” “Such a patient and tolerant kitty!” “OK human, but I'm waiting for some Belly rubs, please!” 😸