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OWNED! 💥 2 (male) cats caught in the act!

“OMG kitties, what are you doing on MY bed?” 🙀 “WHAAAT, Mom? It’s not what it looks like, we are just best friends.” “What forbidden love? It's just friendship.” 😽 “Don't blame us, we have absolutely no idea what we're doing...” 😹

Funny Dancing Cat ► Jazz hands ✋✋

“Open the door ♫♪ I'm hungry ♫♪ Open the door ♫♪ I'm hungry ♫♪ ” Other cats: “Carl, WTF are you doing? You know that's not lunch time yet!” 😸 😺

Funny Scottish fold kitten sitting like human, trying not to fall asleep

“Whaaat? I'm not tired, I'm n... Zzzz... Zzzz...” “Resistance is futile...” 😁 [IG @nemamiya12]