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Proud cat walking down stairs like a Boss 👍

 “Your majesty...” 👑 “The Royal get off from his airplane.” “Like a Princess.” “YES, purrfect because cats need a grand entrance.” “It's a ▼downward ▼ catwalk!” “Me when getting off my UFO.” 😂

Cinemagraph • 'Rio' the cat at the ready...

“He's about to walk out in front of someone just enough to trip them.” “Cool cat meditating in the win...”  😁 “Funny frozen cat.” “I think that your cat is 💢 broken!”  😂 [Video: cinemojoode]

Cute tiny kitty drinking her syringe of extra milk 💓

“This is our ‘Berry’. She is several days old and we're giving her extra milk, because she was a weak kitty when she is born.” “So cute (very) little thing .” 💕 [Video @kcylewa]