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Affectionate kitten kneading hard his human 😻

“I love 💕 you my human, do you understand?” [Video: Every Creature Counts Shelter]

OMG, cool Bengal cat likes to be petted with...the vacuum cleaner! 👀

“Pawesome cat breaking the rules!” 💣 “Woah! That is definitely NOT a Bengal cat!” “My cat just freaked out from the noise of this video hahaha!” 😁 “That amazing Bengal cat looks very happy.” “Good job hooman-slave, I feel clean now, also don't forget my lunch.” 😹 [Video @missenell]

Fat cat enjoys a good relaxing foot massage 😻

“Make them feet go clap clap clap.” “Oh super chubby and cool cat.” “Aww what a cute fatty.” [IG @bo_mang_co] 

“WHAT? A cake? Unacceptable!!! Can I have a double cheeseburger?“ 🍔

“Nope hooman, I don’t like that sh*t 😼 so I will bury it!” “When I cook and try to make my family eat it, hahaha!” 👧 “ Squirrel CATtitude : I just wanna save it for later…” [Video @gold_h ]