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Clumsy cat vs. cardboard box. “If it fits,I sits.”

“Well, I TRY to sit.” 😹 “‘Gomazou’ turns his head to ‘Enzou’ to say: “What are you doing?” “Free toys are the best!” “I can do it...I can d... Ooooh shit! Gravity won.” 😿 “Cardboard boxes and cats : a long (and funny) story.” 👍 [Video @zoubrothers]

‘Barnaby’: “I thought I’d try a new hairdo today.”

“Think you need your own hair products range.” “I don’t have the words to describe how beautiful and adorable (and funny) your cat is. So spectacular. Love his face.” ❤️ “Oh ‘Barnaby’, you look so cute in this rockabilly version of you! You are a rock star.” “I never seen a cat that looks like it smoked weed all day, hahaha.” 😂 “I imagine how much fun you would have brushing him!.” [Video @barnaby_persian]

Feet under sheets? “Our black kitty plays like crazy on our bed!”

 “And... we ain’t sleeping.” 😁 “The struggle is real.” [Video: D Jack Arnold]