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“You’re my love 💕 and my fav bed/pillow as well (2 GIFs)

Saturday morning cuddles. They're really 💗 💙 adorable. “This is too cute, I can’t.” 😻 “Sweet morning cuddles.” “Me cuddling my boyfriend at night.” 👧 “ I LOVE YOU...” 💕

Kitty is very shy and she hides inside her (private) pocket

“Human World is too scary for me Mom, so I prefer to hide in there.” [Video: Cats World]

Clumsy cat was sleeping on couch and suddenly…

“WTF? What happened?” “When Monday sneaks up on you, haha!” 😂 “If I was the cat I’ll continue sleeping on the floor like nothing had happened…” “Cushions = purrfect airbags for cats.” 👌 [Video @bigfatgino]

Two Bengal cats watching a weird metronome. Hmmm... 👀

“Bro, what kind of sorcery is this? What's the point ?” ❓❓❓ “No idea Bro, I have never seen such a strange thing, humans are crazy!” 😹 [Unedited GIF: Didier J. MARY]