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Big affectionate 💕 ginger cat cuddling with 'his' cute kid

“Today she doesn’t need to sing to make him love being in her arms.” 👩 “That's why you need a  GINGER  cat in your life.” “Omg, such a special and sweet cat you have.” “The BEST big cat in the world” ❤️ “Watching children being kind and gentle to animals is really a testament to good training by their parents” 👍 [Video @bailey_no_ordinary_cat]

Patient blue cat knows he needed a good haircut 👍

“OK human, I know you're a good hairdresser, a purrfessional, but please be careful, don't cut my cute ears.” [Video @club_of_cats]

Funny and cute Kitten: ”Hang in there baby!”

 “HALP hooman! I'm stuck, I have made a huge mistake.” 😿 ► YOU ◄ Trying to reach your goals” (😋 haha) [Video @family_cubby]