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My funny kitten found a new game with his BiG tail, hahaha! 😂

“Endless game, cheap and save cat toy.” 😁 “Humm... I'm pretty sure that you put some ' Viagra ' in his wet food!” 💣 Kitty: “Boop! Boop! Boop! Get down! Hmmm this weird and arrogant tail is really stubborn!” 😼

3 kittens playing together, sliding down their new elephant’s trunk 😸

“Tiger’s exotic shorthair kittens were ecstatic when they stumbled upon a blue elephant on the jungle green floor. The kittens befriended the elephant, earning them unlimited slides down the elephant’s smooth trunk along with free rides on its head and a new hiding place.” [Video: sweetfurx4 @YouTube]

👩 C'mon 'cabbit', now It's time to go to sleep!

“OK Mom, I've already put on my pajamas but now let me read a bedtime story 📖” “Love your pajamas. You look so cute! 😻 Enjoy your bedtime story sweety.” “Nighty night bunny🐰” “Haha we 💗 tales about white bunnies with pink ears and sweet faces.” [Video @asya_photocat]