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Mission: Impawssible? NO! Mission: pawssible (for Calico female) 👏

Amazing catwalk! 🐾🐾  Cats have a precise method of walking called ‘ direct registering ’. Their hind paws fall inside the place of their forepaws! 👍 “I think it's: 'Mission: (im)PURRssible!'” 😸 “She's is more agile and more brave than...Tom Cruise!” 😁 “Doesn't even have to look down. Just looks ahead and calculates all leg movements in advance.” “OMG! That is a very unfriendly and dangerous fence.” “Feline concentration >> Cats are so pawsome!!!” 😍

You will never guess where the famous 'Celing cat' is hidden now! 👀

 😺 “Peek-a-boo cat 💗 lovers! It's me, 'Ceiling cat', I'm still standing and I found the purrfect place to hide from 'Lolcat' haters! It's a cozy and warm place and no one will be able to found me here, hehe.” 😍

Funny kitten playing with a (crazy) pygmy hedgehog

They are funny because the hedgehog thinks the tube is the toy, but the kitten thinks the hedgehog is the toy, hahaha they mad 😂 [Video: macaronithedog @YouTube]