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Trash can cat lives in his trash can 👀

“Be sure to check before you throw out garbage, u never know. Don't throw your crazy cat!” (OK he throws himself into the trash can, Hahaha) 😂 “Goodbye cruel world, I regret nothing.“ (clearly, this was a suicide!)

When the doorbell 🔔 rings and you weren't expecting anyone! 🙀

“Funny cat standing up on trash can senses danger!” “Caaaarl, is that you?” “I want a cute Munchkin kitty so badly.” “He is King of da trash can!” “New pet breed: “Meer-Cat-Penguin” 😍 [Video @thetwolittlemunchkins]

Kitten sucking the air and sticking his tongue out like a døg

 When your innocent kitty is really scared of a HORROR movie! 🙀 [Video: Lisa Swartz @YouTube]