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“Sorry human, your bed is full, so tonight you sleep in the bathtub!”

“Copycat Team in action ► ‘Spooning mode’ activated” 👍 “What a triple cute surprise under the blanket!” “Amazingly cute kitties: happy family.” 💙 💛 💚 “Awww, look at these adorable sleeping nuggets.” [Video @go_home_loa]

Epic FAIL. Funny presumptuous Kitten. “Hang in there Baby!” 😂

“HALP! I’ve made a huge mistake.” “spider-kitten.exe is broken!” 💢 [Video: brhuge]

“OMG, Nooo!” “Don't worry human, I have 9 lives.” 😺

“Yep! Still has all nine, hehe.” “Just call my name I'll come jumping.” “Cats are so graceful, amazing athletes.” 👍 “Look human, I believe I can fly: Purr Airlines.”