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3 sleepy kitties lying on their back between Mom's legs 😺 😺 😺

“‘Boomba’, ‘Bumble’ and ‘Bee’ are 3 orphan Kittens I rescued at one day old. Now they're six weeks old and totally rambunctious... until they fall asleep in my lap!” “It's a sleeping Kitty train. Chooo... Choooooo!” [Video @Kitten Lady]

Funny kitten: epic battle vs. a scary ant

“I'm a brave kitty, gonna kill you little monster!” [Video: Babi Araujo]

Cinemagraph • Still cat with orange eyes just wagging his tail 😁

“I'm meditating: what am I doing with my life? Only eating and sleeping = nothing. Shame on me!” “Hmmm... I think that your cat is secretly plotting to kill you.” 😋 [Video: My cat 'Mel' by Rodrigo Barrero]