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Scary Cat GIF • Sneak attack! You have to be super brave and quick to play with a kitten !
Super fast NiNJA kitten!

Captioned cat GIF • OWNED! Playful Cat pushes running baby and knocks him over haha
OWNED! Crazy Ninja Cat
knocks over running baby!

Funny Cat  GIF • What The Fluff Challenge • Ninja cat is not impressed! Sneak attack. White blanket must die
Epic FAIL. Ninja cat strikes again!

Crazy Cat GIF • Sneak attack! Ninja cat attacks his human leaping like a flying squirrel
Sneak attack! Suddenly Ninja cat
pounces like mini tiger! 😸

Crazy Cat GIF • BOOM! Ninja cat wildly jumps through the snowban
Ninja cat wildly jumps
through a snowbank!

Amazing Cat GIF • Big Ninja Cat flying in slow motion. When you see him, it's too late, you're already dead! []
Ninja cat attack!
By the time you see him
it’s too late, you’re already dead!

Scary Cat GIF • Crazy Ninja cat wildly jumps on bird cage and opening the door! []
Ninja cat wildly jumps on bird
cage and opens the door!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat doing butt wiggles before pounce attack. Wait for it.
Butt wiggle before pounce attack

Art Cat GIF • Sneakiest Ninja cat attack • By the time you see him, it's already too late!
Sneakiest Ninja cat attack ever!

Funny Kitten GIF • When your crazy kitten wants to kill you, pouncing on you like a wild tiger
Ninja Kitten: *Attack mode activated*

Wild Cat GIF • Amazing pouncing cat jumping over bed like a wild tiger (slow motion)
Ninja cat? By the time you see
him, you're already dead!

Art Cat GIF• Infinite loop • Amazing Ninja cats pouncing in a super fast way! They're legion!
Massive Ninja cat attack!
They're legion!

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny Siamese cat. Sneak attack on quiet cat. A purrfect slide move
Slide attack from sneaky
Ninja Siamese cat!

Crazy Kitten GIF • BOOM! Cage destruction Ninja kitty wanted to be free
Ninja kitty: “BOOM! Cage
destructioooon! I want to be free!”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Big Ninja Cat strikes again jumping over bro, flying like a rocket
“You shall not pass Bro.” But
suddenly Ninja cat strikes again!

Crazy Kitten GIF • Flying Ninja Kitty. When your playful Kitten pounces on bed like a wild tiger!
“By the time you see Ninja Kitty,
it’s too late, you’re already dead!”

Amazing cat GIF• Nothing can rival the jumping cat. High jump 198cm • 6' 6" • GOOOTCHAAA!
Nothing can rival a Ninja cat
► High jump: 6′ 6″ 👀 (198 cm)

Amazing Cat GIF • Ninja Warrior Cat SpiderCat climbing up stairs in an awesome way, breaking the rules!
Ninja cat breaking the rules!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Those Jedi skills! Flora the Ninja cat gone wild  on carpets, hahaha
Those Jedi skills! 'Flora' the
Ninja cat gone wild, hahaha!

Amazing Cat GIF • Stalking Cat attacks his owner like a ferocious tiger. What a jump!
Stalking Ninja cat attacks
human like a ferocious tiger

Ninja Cats? When you see them
coming it's already too late!.

Art Cat GIF • Ninja Cat attacks paparazzi huge explosion! OMG, what have you done?
Ninja Cat attacks a Paparazzo!

Angry Cat GIF • Pouncing cat hates middle finger. Be polite and don't mess with your cat.
Ninja cat hates middle fingers

Crazy Kitten GIF • Amazing Ninja kitty attacks from table, pouncing on camera man! (RIP + Paparazzi°
BOOM! Amazing Ninja cat pounces
on camera man (papurrazzi)

Art cat GIF with caption • Suddenly Ninja Kitten attacks and slaps Kid Face • OWNED!
Suddenly, a Ninja Kitty comes out
of nowhere and attacks a kid. OWNED!

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