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Cute Cat GIF • Absolutely astonishing! An affectionate alpaca and an incredible patient and tolerating cat! []
Cute Alpaca and cat
are best friends 👍

Amazing cat GIF • So cute animals and pets, peace and love. Maternal instinct is strong than breeds []
Mama cat is a purrfect
Nanny for cute chicks 🐤

Super fast and GLUTTONOUS duck steals cat food but kitty is very polite and stays calm
Super fast & GLUTTONOUS
duck steals cat food

Hilarious Cat GIF • A crab, a cat and an iguana! Wow that’s a lot of dramatic reactions! []
A crab, a cat and an
iguana: wow that’s a
lot of dramatic reactions!

Crazy Cat GIF • Weird cat rubbing its face on a hedgehog! Brush Buddy  []
Crazy cat rubbing its
face on 🦔 hedgehog!

Loving cat and her beloved
chicken(OK, love is blind 😂)

Funny cat GIF • 'Tom and Jerry' in real life. Weird scene between a black cat and a crazy Mouse []
'Tom and Jerry' in real life
Jerry gone wild, haha!

Funny Cat GIF • White Ninja Rooster chasing innocent black cat. "Outta my territory!" []
WHiTE Ninja 💥 Rooster
chasing innocent BLACK cat!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Hungry cat tries to catch and eat an octopus but he gives a smack on the cat head, haha
Instant KARMA!
Sneaky octopus vs. hungry cat!

Funny Cat GIF • Clumsy at cat tries to impress 2 chicks. The struggle is real haha, are you drunk?!
“Shame on you kitty,
you're drunk!” 🍷🍷🍷

Funny Cat GIF • Playful kitty just wants to make friends with a brave toad
The playful cat and the brave toad

Funny Kitten GIF • Brave kitty meets a chicken for first time, standing up ready to fight
“Come at me, weird beast!”

Amazing Cat GIF • Cute Fennec Fox reunited with his best friend, the black ca
Fennec Fox is so excited
at seeing his friend again

Amazing Cat GIF • The weirdest kitten your will ever see. Baby raccoon suckling from Mama cat!
Baby Raccoon suckling
milk from mama cat

Funny Cat GIF • Cat rubs her face in sheep wool and messages her shoulders []
Funny cat massages 'her' sheep
with love 💕

Cute Cat GIF • Funny chick perched on cat back. Both are cure and best friends ♥
Best friends: They both look
clueless and so cute.

Amazing Cat GIF • Tom and Jerry having a snack together in the real life haha who is the boss
Tom & Jerry having a snack
together in the real life.

Amazing Cat GIF • Mama Cat sleeping in a sea of ducklings They are cute and warm but noisy haha
Cat sleeping in an ocean
of warm ducklings!

Funny Cat GIF • I said back off I am not your mother Black cat bunny kicking invasive duckling.gif
“I said back off!
I'm not your mother.”

Amazing Cat GIF • OMG! Cat and lynx taking a nap together I love you my BIG bro
Incredible! Cat & lynx
taking a nap together!
(Feline team)

Amazing Cat GIF • Rare interspecies behavior • Adorable maternal instinct • Mama Cat becomes wet-nurse to 8 baby hedgehogs!
Cute Mama cat becomes
wet-nurse to 8 baby hedgehogs.

Captioned Cat GIF • WHAT? Crazy fearless kitten bites a big pet lizard (Innocent baby)
Innocent playful kitten
bites a BIG Lizard!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat nap, zero fucks given to hungry chickens. Do not disturb please! []
Sleepy cat & hungry chickens

Funny Cat GIF • Dramatic cat is stunned as he sees a big snake for the first time at vet What a funy looking face, haha!
Dramatic cat is stunned
as he sees a big snake!

Crazy Cat GIF • OMG  Incredibly amazing! A small house Cat is really brave and challenges a big lion
Brave house cat
challenges...big Lion!

Crazy Cat GIF • Cat spooning with a chicken. They are best friends and love to chill together
Cat spooning with a chicken,
they're breaking the rules.

Hilarious Cat GIF • Arrogant meerkat mocking blue cat haha so funny animals acting like humans
Hahaha, that arrogant meerkat!

Crazy Cat GIF • OMG! Brave cat stands up to mountain Lion. Fearless kitty showing to big bro who is the boss
Brave cat stands up to mountain Lion,
showing BIG bro who is the boss!

Crazy Cat GIF • Sneak attack! Chinchilla vs. Cat. 'Whatcha doing, are you mad dude'? []
Crazy Ninja Chinchilla rat
vs. quiet cat, haha!

Cute Cat GIF • A brave Mama cat becomes protective of her little chicks when she sees dangerous big birds []
Protective Mama cat
vs. dangerous bird

Weird Cat GIF • Farm cat drinks fresh milk from his friend the cow. Mother Nature works in amazing ways []
Amazing farm kitty
suckling from cow's udder

Affectionate Mama Antelope grooming her big baby cat
Affectionate Mama Antelope
grooming her big baby cat ♥

Weird Cat GIF • Weird cat and confused mouse. Your stay in the shoe, you must live here now []
Weird 'Tom and Jerry' adventures

Scary Cat GIF • Amazing brave fearless Cat wants to steal a fresh fish of a bald eagle! []
Fearless cat vs. bald eagle!

Amazing Cat GIF • 2 cool pigs take their friend the Cat for a little walk in the street []
Pigs taking the Cat for a
little walk in the street!

Funny cat GIF • Adventures of a cat and 2 stubborn ducks. They're so funny []
2 sneaky & stubborn ducks
trying to attack a cool cat

Amazing Cat GIF • A bunch of cute kittens cuddling with a pony while a capybara watches them! []
A bunch of kitties, a pony
and a weird capybara!

Amazing Cat GIF • When a cat gives fennec fox a relaxing massage. Purrfect interspecies friendship  []
masseuse cat giving fennec
fox a relaxing massage!

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy baby goat want to play with cat: headbutt please. Nope, don't touch me! []
Playful baby goat vs. cat

Funny Cat GIF • Cute Chameleon wants to be friends with curious cat. 'Come at me Bro' []
Cute Chameleon wants
to be friends with cat

Funny Cat GIF • Shameless cat riding his sheep-taxi, haha some animals and pets are mad
Funny cat riding on sheep!

Funny Cat GIF • Confused cat meets a brave rooster for the first time. “Wanna play Hide and seek with me?”
Suddenly a hungry rooster
comes out of nowhere!
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