Top Best funny 😹 cat REACTiONS

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Funny Cat GIF • Cat licking a finger is suddenly surprised. “Wait, what is that weird noise?”
Funny reaction! ” Wait...
what is that weird noise?”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat gets a dramatic brain Freeze and cat.exe is shutting down
Hahaha, dramatic reaction
Epic brain Freeeeeeeze!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Epic cat battle! Sometimes you just have to put a garbage can lid between you and your worst enemy []
Hilarious reactions when
the garbage can lid
between cats is removed!

Kitten GIF • Cute double FacePaw because your Kitty fail is so hard one face paw is not enough
Double ‘FacePaw’ because
the FAIL is very strong!

Funny Cat GIF • Epic cat reaction after realizing how stinky his human foot fingers are! []
wash your stinky foot!”

Funny Cat GIF • 'Not me, the dog did it, I swear! It's a bad dog, cats are cute and good pets!' []
Funny guilty cat reaction
'What’s that on the ceiling?'

Funny Cat GIF • Blue cat slaps orange cat because he bites human hand. Good human guardian angel []
Good reaction when bro
bites his owner's hand!

Cute Kitten GIF • Awwdorable white kitten wants to be petted.  So cute, funny, fluffy and affectionate []
Funny reaction when his human
throws a bag on the ground

Hilarious Cat GIF • Sleepy cat Excessive reaction to a booping shaking his paws Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Unexpected reaction to a
booping ► Wiggle! Wiggle!

Weird cat GIF • Look what happens when you tickle the back of your (ticklish) cat []
Amazing reaction when owner
tickles the lower back
of his hairless Sphynx 👀

Funny Cat GIF • Unexpected cat reaction! 'A little privacy please!' []
Super fast reaction:
“A little privacy please!”

Funny Kitten GIF • How to wake up a sleepy kitten in a nanosecond with liquid snack, haha! []
Fast reaction of sleepy kitten
when he sniffs liquid snack

Manipulated Cat GIF • Famous Lil bub watching one of her own video. She'is overly dramatic hearing some weird noises!
“WHAAAT?” Overly dramatic
reaction from Lil Bub!

Funny Cat GIF • What The Fluff Challenge •  Two cats were so surprised turning around like 'But where did our human go?' []
'What The Fluff Challenge’
Funny reaction: “You seen that?”

Funny cat GIF with caption • Don't mess with your kitty, he can SLAP you in the face, haha OWNED! []
Angry reaction when his
owner mess with him
SLAP in the face!

Funny Cat GIF • Sad cat: “NOOOO! Please Mom Don't throw my toys in the wastebasket!” []
Funny reaction when human
throw his toys in wastebasket!

Funny Cat GIF • Kid plays with her cat but kitty bites her lil butt Cat=1 Kid=0 []
Funny reaction: cat bites
lil butt of kid. OWNED!

Funny Cat GIF • 2 Scottish Fold hiding in sync in a baby stroller []
Hilarious cat reactions
It's like when the teacher
asks for volunteers 😂

Funny Cat GIF • Cute Munchkin cat standing like a Meerkat. 'I sense danger, Mom!' []
Funny reaction: cat standing up
on trash can senses danger

Funny Kitten GIF • Catattack! Crazy white kitty attacks himself in the mirror haha! []
Dramatic reaction because of
own reflection in the mirror

Funny Cat GIF • “Don't mess with me naughty hooman!” Angry kitty slapping human middle finger []
Angry reaction to middle finger
Please be polite!

Funny Cat GIF with caption • Vibing challenge. Cat vs. rabbit expectation and reality! Jerk cat slaps girl!
Vibing challenge: unexpected
reaction, because cat!

Funny Cat GIF • What The Fluff Challenge • Funny MeerCAT reaction. 'I think my cat is broken, haha!' [
The Fluff Challenge:
surprised cat reaction

Christmas Cat GIF • 2 curious cats startled by the singing Xmas tree. Haha hilarious fast reflexes! []
2 curious cats startled
by the singing Xmas tree

Dramatic Cat GIF • Cat licking a Popsicle gets a brain freeze - cat.exe has stopped working []
Cat licks delicious Popsicle
and gets a brain freeze! 😹

Funny Cat GIF • Possessive cat does NOT want to share his coke bottles with his thirsty humans, haha []
Coke cat': “Do NOT touch
any of them, ALL of
them are MiiiiiNE!” 🐾

Startled Cat GIF • Curious cat scared by windshield wipers. Funny slowmotion reaction []
Dramatic cat scared by
sneaky windshield wipers!

Cute Kitten GIF • Skritchies Skritchies. What a goofball So adorable 💕. That ferocious face, little killer! []
Skritchies! Amazing reaction
of ticklish & surprised kitty

Crazy Kitten GIF • Naked Sphynx kitty scared of her own reflection in mirror jumps and runs like crazy []
Funny reaction when kitty
realizes she’s naked!

Funny Cat GIF • Every time his human makes the bed it's playtime for kitty with butt wiggles []
Funny reaction, every time
I make the bed... 😂

Funny Cat GIF • When your Cat hates the new carpet walking on it with only 2 paws, haha []
Cat hates the new carpet
& plays 'The floor is lava'

Funny Cat GIF • Funny cat loves so much back scratches haha that butt is like an elevator
Funny Elevator butt.
That's the (purrfect) spot!

Hilarious Kitten GIF • 6 kittens deeply sleeping in a cardboard box suddenly ear sound of treat box, hahaha
Food sounds is the best
alarm for sleepy kitties!

Funny Cat GIF • When someone knocks on your front door. “Leave me alone, a little privacy, please!” SLAM!
Knock...Knock... Knock...
“What? Can I get a little
privacy please. SLAM!”

Funny Kitten GIF • Super fluffy Kitty likes being tickled. So playful and cute British longhair kitten
Funny ‘Surprised’ reaction
when kitty is tickled

Funny Cat GIF • Ninja Cat fighting against other cat pushes roomba with hind leg. “Don't disturb me, go away little sh*t.”
Go away stupid roomba
don’t come back!”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat with with a McDonald's paper bag MASK 👀 “For this you will die in your sleep, bad human.”
The cat’s eyes in the
bag, hilarious reaction!

Hilarious Cat GIF • 2 cats scared of ferocious bananas haha cat like-reflexe []
2 funny cats scared of
ferocious bananas!! 😂

Funny Cat GIF • Scared cat hissing because she fails to recognize her owner with mud mask on, haha
Funny cat hissing because
of mud mask, haha 😂

Funny Cat GIF • Nooo Kitty you tickle my belly button with your cold nose! []
“Mom, your belly button
smells like my catnip!

Hilarious cat GIF • Cat gets upset when she sees her own reflection. That's some awesome Ninja moves []
Dramatic reaction when the
cat sees his own reflection
in the mirror!

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitty does not want her mom kiss him. Haha, best reaction ever! []
“Nope, don't kiss me!

Funny Cat GIF • When you are home alone chilling with your fidget spinner and you suddenly hear the doorbell []
When you're home alone
playing and you suddenly
hear the doorbell!

Funny Cat GIF • Mwahahaha, stop that, human, do not touch my jelly bean toes, it tickles!
“NO, stop that human,
it tickles to much”

Amazing Cat GIF • Floating cat in his small swimming pool. Funny cool and clever. He really loves water
Amazing kitty becomes
a…FLOATiNG cat!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat sniffs dirty pants and gets spooked, haha It smells so bad
Funny cat sniffs pants
and gets spooked :/

Funny Kitten GIF • Funny cat reaction. When you press its hind legs he does bouncy bunny kicks
Funny hind leg reaction
Bouncy bunny kicks!

Funny Cat GIF • Last WARNING! Don't touch my paw. Fast attack Mode "Sharp claws" activated.
Don't touch my paw
I said DO NOT! 😼

Funny Cat GIF • Shy Bengal Cat with round eyes spying his humans
“OMG, what has been seen
cannot be unseen!”

Amazing Cat GIF • 2 cats licking their right paw then raising their heads in purrfect sync. Funny Copy Cat
Hey weird guys, show
me your papers! 👮

Funny Kitten GIF • Black Kitty pooping a water balloon. Haha Surprise ! Run kitty, run
Kitten pooping a water
balloon: fast reactioooooon!

Captioned Cat GIF • Double paranormal CATivity. Haha Hilarious standing cats walking on 2 legs, haha cats are MAD!
Hilarious cat reaction!
Double purranormal CATivity
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