Top Best FUNNY kitten GIFs

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Funny Kitten GIF • Curious blue kitten discovers the navel her human Mom []
Curious kitten discovers the
navel of her human Mom 🐾

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitty is playing dead on his back and suddenly he wakes up and tries to stand up but the struggle is real []
Funny and cute Kitty was
playing dead and suddenly 🔄

Funny Kitten GIF • Two funny and cute kittens stalking in sync. Amazing and purrfect timing! []
2 funny & cute kittens 👀
stalking in sync. Amazing!

Crazy Kitten GIF • Starving cat: “I have no idea what I am doing, but i regret nothing!” []
Kitten hanging from a big
piece of smoked meat. Mine!

Hilarious kitten GIF • Crazy kitten doing the kitty dance in a crab way []
Funny kitten doing the
kitty dance in a crab way

Funny Kitten GIF • OMG! Possessive kitty does not want to share his liquid snack! []
Possessive kitten doesn't
want share liquid snack 😼

Amazing Kitten GIF • Impurrsible 'Hotdog Mission'? Nope, because that black kitty is an amazing acrobat! []
Impurrsible 'Hotdog  Mission'?
Nope, black kitty ► Acrobat!

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitty discovers the (food) paradise on earth! A paradise full of delicious treats! []
When kitty discovers the
food) paradise on earth! 🌎

Funny Kitten • Fast kitty Sorry Mom, but this seat is taken, I WAS HERE FIRST!” []
Super fast kitten: “Sorry, but
this seat is taken!

Funny Cat GIF • Kitten booping Mama Cat nose and then rolling on floor like crazy (retreat!)
Funny kitten BOOPing
Mama cat's nose and then...

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute possessive kitty Funny angry reaction when Mom tries to steal his best friend
Funny possessive kitten

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Check out the messiest kitty ever, eating like a little pig with a white beard, haha!
OMG, the messiest kitty ever!

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Blue kitty scared from smartphone Retreat and front flip haha poor baby
Funny backwards walk
+ front flip

Cute Kitten GIF • Cute blue Kitten playing hard, fighting Mom's fingers and rolling on the bed. So cute ♥
Funny kitten fighting Mom's fingers

Funny Kitten GIF • When your innocent Kitty tries to catch the red dot all over your body even on your but, haha!
Kitten trying to catch the red Dot
everywhere and anywhere...
(2 GIFs)

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Epic defense strategy. Kitten attacked by human hand offers his butt to the enemy!
Crazy defense strategy! Kitten
his butt to the enemy, haha!

carzy Kitten GIF • Mine! Crazy Kitty wildly stealing baby sock, haha little cute monster :)
Funny Kitten wildly
steals baby sock.

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Over excited Boing Boing Boing Kitty pouncing like crazy. Attack and retreat!
"Boing Boing Boing Kitten"
pouncing like crazy

Crazy Kitten GIF • Siamese Kitty in the kitten playroom doing crazy donuts haha Kitty gone wild
Crazy Siamese Kitty
doing Crazy donuts!

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Funny blue Ninja kitty is as fast as light trying to catch his Cat toy.
hilarious ‘swimming’ kitten
trying to catch his toy

Funny Cat • Yawning is contagious. Copycat. Kitten and Mama cat yawn simultaneously together []
Yawning is contagious!
► Funny copycat 💕
Purrfect 'Mini Me'

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitten found a new game with his big tail, hahaha! “Endless game, cheap and save toy []
Funny kitten found a new game
with his BiG tail, hahaha! 😂

Cute Kitten GIF • Two AWWdorable fluffy angels playing like little demons ♥
Two funny fluffy angels
playing like little demons

Amazing Cat GIF • Agile and affectionate kitten climbs ladder faster than human []
Agile kitten climbs ladder
faster than his human! 👏

Hilarious Kitten GIF • Hungry kitty licking fresh cream, haha what a mess on her face and whiskers
Funny mess on kitty face.
Lovely litlle pig, haha!

Cute Kitten GIF • Aww when 2 ferocious kitties attack their human.“Run forrest, run!“
 2 snuzzy 💕 kittens
following the leader

Funny Kitten GIF • Innocent and cute kitten wants to play with confused chicks but they don't understand what happens
Funny kitten wants
to play with chicks

Funny Cat GIF • When 4 cute stray kittens listen attentively a street singer playing guitar []
4 funny kittens attentively listen
a street singer playing guitar ♪ ♫

Cute Kitten GIF • Twin kitties sleeping alike side to side on their backs with paws up in the air
2 funny kitties: twins sleeping
alike paw up ♥ ♥

Funny Kitten GIF • Girl feeding five kitties together with food on five fingers. Very cute and funny
“I've always wondered why
we have 5 fingers? Now
I know purrfectly well)”

Funny Cat GIF • Cute kitten doing the crab walk on bed, haha kitties are playful and crazy []
Kitten doing a funny ‘crab walk’ 😁

Funny Cat GIF • Suddenly a curious cat startled by big Lion King on TV []
Innocent cat watching TV gets
startled by the big 'Lion' King!

Cute Cat GIF • When your affectionate kitty just want some love ♥  Pet me please, I need you... []
Affectionate kitty needs love 💕

Funny Kitten GIF • Happy kitty eating and kneading at the same time.
Happy kitty kneading & eating
at the same time. He's ‘KNEATiNG’

Cute Cat GIF • 5 funny kittens • ‘Bobbing heads in sync’ Team in action! Playful kitties are so funny.
5 funny kitties bobbing
their heads in sync

Funny Kitten GIF • Epic fight. BOOM! Right hook and Kitty takes down his sister. Cute knock down (Poor baby)
*BOOM!* Sweet right hook,
kitty takes down little bro!

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute Kitty gets confused by adhesive tape stuck on his head. “HALP! Get it off!”
“Get it off me!”Mode activated!
Funny kitty reaction

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Kitten wrestling. Epic fight between 2 adorable Ragdoll kitties
Funny kitten wrestling.
Adorable Ragdoll kitties

Funny Cat GIF • Snuzzy kitten runs super fast after delivery driver, haha! “Catch me if yous can!”
“NOOOO... don't leave me,
I come with you!”
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