Top Best CRAZY cat GIFs

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Crazy Kitten GIF • OMG what a fearless Kitty ! "Wait, don't worry I believe I can fly."
“I'm so close to heaven
♪♫ I believe I can fly ♪♫”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Crazy cat runs and dives into the aquarium. Epic SPLASH! []
SPLASH! Crazy cat runs &
dives in(to) the aquarium! πŸ™€

Crazy Cat GIF • Fluffy white Cat gone wild furiously shacking his head and body like crazy for no apparent reason haha
Because sometimes you just 
gotta go crazy!

Amazing Cat GIF • Mama Cat sleeping in a sea of ducklings They are cute and warm but noisy haha
Crazy cat sleeping in
a ocean of ducklings!

Amazing Cat GIF • Agile and strong cat jumps like a Ninja. “Mode Cliffhanger activated.” []
“Look human, I can do it!”

Manipulated Cat GIF • Playful fast and FURious cat Look at this overexcited ball of fluff trying to catch his toy
Crazy fluff  cat trying
hard to catch his toy!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Gluttonous sphynx cat wildly bites his food bowl He is fucking hungry haha
Greedy Sphynx cat
wildly bites his food bowl!

Amazing Cat GIF • "Team USA Olympian right here...ready for the parallel bars."
Crazy cat acrobatics!

Amazing Cat GIF • Fearless Cat shows curious bear who’s the Boss. SLAP!
SLAP! Crazy cat shows
bear who’s the Boss!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Weird cat sleeping on couch dreaming trembling jumping and sleeping again OMG!
Too much catnip...
cat.exe has crashed!

Crazy Cat GIF • Ingenious cat warms his face in popcorn. He likes it don't try to understand, haha []
Ingenious cat warms
his face in hot popcorn!

Crazy Cat GIF • Ninja cat jumps like spidercat, lands on the top of a bathroom bar and losses balance, haha
Ninja cat pounces and lands
on the bathroom bar but then... 🀣

Crazy Cat GIF • OMG  Incredibly amazing! A small house Cat is really brave and challenges a big lion
Crazy house cat
challenges big Lion!

Hilarious Cat GIF • "Miiiine!" Angry cat wants to catch that pink feather but fails hahaha
Crazy but: “Never give up!”

Amazing Cat GIF • Rare interspecies behavior • Adorable maternal instinct • Mama Cat becomes wet-nurse to 8 baby hedgehogs!
Crazy (cute) Mama cat becomes
wet-nurse to 8 baby hedgehogs
Crazy Cat GIF • Weird cat playing with fishes turning them in a basin. “Excuse me, hwat are you doing?”
Crazy cat: “I have no
idea what I'm doing!”

Funny cat GIF • Hungry possessive cat is angry and does not want to share bread with his humans! “MIIINEEE!, “
Adopt a cat they said,
cats are so cute they said!

Art Cat GIF • Caution! Drill Cat can kill your family if you don't feed him with Premium food, OK?
Crazy 'DRILL CAT' is drilling hard!

Creepy Cat GIF • Crazy and fearless cat playing dead taking a nap under Rooftop []
Crazy cat taking a nap under Rooftop

Art Cat GIF • Ninja Cat attacks paparazzi huge explosion! OMG, what have you done?
“OMG, crazy Ninja Cat attacks
a curious Paparazzo! (RIP +)

Crazy Kitten GIF • Hilarious Kitty spinning around and around, trying to catch his own tail!
Crazy kitten spinning
around and around and around...

Crazy Kitten GIF • Ginger kitty suckling his own tail and kneading the air
Crazy cat suckling from his tail...

Funny Cat GIF • Cute fluffy Persian cat chasing red dot. He's fast and furious []
Fluffy cat chasing the
Red Dot like crazy 😻

Funny cat GIF • Be sure to check before you throw out garbage you never know if your cat is inside your trash can []
Crazy 'Trash can cat'
lives in his trash can πŸ‘€

Crazy Cat GIF • When your cat suddenly goes wild in the kitchen, haha
Crazy cat gone wild in the kitchen!

Funny Cat GIF • When your crazy cat wants to destroy foot furniture because he finds it ugly, haha
Crazy furniture killer strikes again!

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy cat playing with its human falls right off bed. Epic fail, haha!
Crazy cat falls right off bed!

Funny Cat GIF • OMG, crazy Ninja cat attacks ceiling lighting. Hang in there baby!
OMG! Crazy cat
attacks ceiling lighting!

Crazy Cat GIF • OMG! 4 cats ride alongside motorcyclist down main street
  4 cats ride alongside
motorcyclist down main
street! Crazy and brave!

Crazy Cat GIF • Weird kitten kneading his own belly. "Jazz hands", he is dancing []
Crazy kitten sucking on himself
and kneading his own belly! πŸ‘€

Crazy Cat GIF • Ginger cat gone wild! “OMG he's possessed” “OK Honey I call the exorcist.” []
“Honey, call the exorcist,
the cat is possessed!” 😱

Crazy Cat GIF • Funny black white Cat high on catnip chilling on couch and chirping hard haha
When the catnip kicks in!

Funny Kitten GIF • Crazy kitty chasing its leash around the toilet bowl. Purrfect infinite loop
Crazy kitten chasing its
leash around the toilet bow

Crazy Cat GIF • OMG! Kitty catnip party with 6 trippy cats and sneaky attack! Haha super fast reflexes []
When the cat catnip
party explodes! πŸ’₯

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy cat jumps repetitively on door, chasing an invisible bug! Don't try to understand!
Jump! Jump ! Jump!
Crazy cat is broken!

Crazy Cat GIF • Weird cat drinking water in the shower. Some Cats are crazy, haha
Crazy waterproof cat
drinks water…in the shower!