Top Best cats acting LiKE HUMANS GIFs

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Amazing Cat GIF • Funny cat with glasses working on his pink laptop like an human
“On the Internet, no one
knows you're a cat.” 😸

Funny Cat GIF • Cute kitty dressed up as guitar player guitar hero singing Love me tender 🎢🎢 Love me sweet 🎢🎢
When your cat thinks
he's a ‘Guitar hero

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever Cat uses his hind legs to push his skate by himself
Cat uses his hind legs to 
push his skate by himself

Amazing Cat GIF • Magic trick •  Fashion victim • Cutie training for the next Fashion week.
Cat Training for the
 next Fashion week

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever Mama Cat pranking her kitten with a cat toy, like a human.
Well, playful kittens
 don’t need us anymore!

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny Cat learning how to knead dough through tutorial video. Nice work... good girl
Learning how to make bread
through a tutorial video

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Funny cat doing his daily workout like human. Today, only right leg
“Just doing  my workout
routine like my human

Amazing Cat GIF • Fearless Cat gets a scooter ride like a kid. They see me rollin' they hatin.
“Yeaaaah, they see me
rollin’, they hatin’“

Crazy Cat GIF • Incredible cat doing sit-ups in the steet under a car haha
Doing his daily sit-ups
under his new car!

Manipulated Cat GIF • Cat slowly massaging another cat like a professional masseuse. "I like it don't stop."
Slowly massaging Bae
like a purrfessional masseuse

Funny Cat GIF • Elegant kitten sitting like human with crossed legs. Cats are so amazing []
Our elegant kitty crossed
her legs like us πŸ‘

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever kitty eating her dinner with a fork like her human
Purrfectly eating with
fork like her human

Amazing Cat GIF • Like a Princess • Cool cat in bed with her teddy, drink  and food, watching cat cartoons on TV. What else?
Like a Princess...
(lazy Sunday morning)

Amazing Cat GIF • Manicure Cat at work. “Give me your nails and don't move Mom, I'm a professional.”
“It's OK, don’t move,
I'm a Pro manicure.”

Art Cat GIF • Amazing The Cat Chef at Work with treat menu
Cat Chef in action.
(delicious treat menu)

Cute Kitten GIF • Amazing and cute kitty sucking his thumb like a human baby
kitten sucking her thumb
like a human baby

Art Cat GIF • Infinite loop • Amazing and funny Cats doing their shopping in a supermarket for Cats
Cats doing their shopping in
a supermeowrket for kitties

Hilarious Cat GIF • Wait I'm sexy and I know it. OK but little big for you cutie.gif
“I'm sexy and I know it.”

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny cat gets mail everyday. “GOTCHA, mine!”
Everyday our cat waits for USPS

Amazing Cat GIF •  Cool Cat working out like human 1… 2…  1… 2… Purrfect workout for thighs and legs.
Purrfect workout for thighs and legs

Cute Cat GIF • Makeup session for a patient and super pretty Cat. She acts like a woman....
Makeup session up for cat

Funny Cat GIF • "When the Moon walk is converted to the Cat walk, Back and  forth"
Moonwalk converted to a Catwalk

Art Cat GIF • Black Kitty likes to play Country guitar ♪♫ He's Got the rhythm in his blood (and I got the Blues)
Black kitty playing country guitar

Funny Cat GIF • Police patrol 2 police cats with caps and sunglasses walking back and forth on treadmill
“Police patrol! Police patrol!
Flush all the catnip!”

Amazing Cat GIF • Bengal cat dressed up like human groovin' to the music, so funny and cute kitty.
Good vibes 🎧, you're
rocking it, girl 🎢🎡

Amazing Cat GIF • Pawesome black cat driving a car like a boss. “Baby you can drive my car” ♫ ♪
Proud cat driving his new car
better than you

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever ginger cat reading a good book in bed like his human, OMG they're evolving!
Just some light reading before
bed time (like you)

Amazing Cat GIF • Swing time! 4 funny cats having fun. Beyond cute...some trick though.
4 cats enjoy SWiNGing like kids!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat eating his daily yogurt like a baby Cat. It's a (cute) shame.
Eating yogurt like πŸ‘Ά

Funny Cat GIF • Chubby cat sitting on couch like human is bored  and depressed. *SIGH*
Depressed cat lying on couch.
Shitty cat life *SiGH*

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