Top Best cats doing funny & crazy 'BUNNY KiCKs' GIFs

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Funny cat GIF • Ginger cat playing like crazy in snow and with snow []
Crazy Ginger cat
bunny kicking snow!

Funny Kitten GIF • Epic Kitten wrestling 'You scared me Bro, so I'm gonna bunny-kick your face!' []
Funny and epic kitten wrestling
with ferocious bunny kicks 😹

Christmas Cat GIF • 3 overexcited cats trying wildly to open their Xmas presents, hahaha they mad!
Overexcited cats wildly trying
to open their Xmas presents!

Funny Cat GIF • Epic fight! Crazy cat repetitively bunny kicking his own face, haha []
Crazy cat repetitively bunny
kicking his own face, haha!

Funny Cat GIF • Playful cat wildly bunny kicking a big bread pillow. You are not you when you are hunger
Playful cat wildly bunny
kicking a big bread pillow

Weird Cat GIF • Mama Cat forgot how to cat, bunny kicking her baby for no apparent reason, poor baby.
Weird Mama cat bunny
kicking her cute baby! 👀

Funny kitten GIF • Adorable playful kitty wrestling a giant pink teddy bear.  "Bunny kick" Mode activated!
Crazy Kitty bunny kicking
his giant pink teddy bear!

Funny Cat GIF • 2 playful cats the bottom one bunny kicking wool ball haha spin spin spin
It's a funny cat Carousel

Funny Cat GIF • Instant Karma. Naughty Cat bunny kicking and biting his toy like crazy falls on floor haha []
Instant Karma! Cat bunny kicking

Funny Cat GIF • Fast kicking. Cat vs. shoe. Fast and furious bunny kicks
Crazy furious shoe-killer!

Funny Cat GIF • When your crazy cat wants to destroy foot furniture because he finds it ugly, haha
Furniture killer strikes again!
*Destruction mode* activated

Hilarious Cat GIF • Clumsy ginger doesn't realize he can't scratch his ear while lying down []
Weird cat bunny kicking
hard his own face!

Funny Kitten GIF • When suddenly your cute kitty becomes a killer, wildly bunny kicking his toy!
When suddenly your cute kitty
becomes a ferocious killer!

Christmas Cat GIF • Diving right into my presents. Woot woot I got the new I banana phone! []
CAt wildly bunny kicking
his banana toy (Xmas present)

Crazy Cat GIF • When suddenly your lazy cat becomes a cat toy Killer, wildly bunny kicking his poor Teddy bear!
Chubby cat wildly
bunny kicks Teddy Bear

Funny kitten GIF • 4 cute crazy Kittens playing hard with woman, biting legs, feet and fingers!
Massive attack of bunny kicks.
Resistance is futile :)

Funny Kitten GIF • Funny cat reaction. When you press its hind legs he does bouncy bunny kicks
Funny kitten repetitively
bunny kicking the air!

Funny Cat GIF • Smoothie went crazy she wanted to destroy her bottle of catnip with wild bunny kicks
Cute fluffy beast bunny
kicks a bottle of wine.

Cat GIF with caption • Funny cat maintaining social distance with duckling during the COVID-19 pandemic
Maintaining Social distancing?
One bunny kick is enough,
but ducklings are stubborn!

Funny cat GIF • When your crazy cat tries to kill his expensive toy with wild bunny kicks
My expensive NEW toy 
must die! 

Hilarious Cat GIF • When your cat forgot how to cat how to fight,  wildly bunny kicking his own face during a fight []
Crazy cats bunny kicking
their own faces!

Funny Cat GIF •  Suddenly... Playful cat attacks an innocent black kitty, haha! []
Playful cat bunny kicks
an innocent black kitty!
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