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   In U.S.A. and many other countries - unfortunately - black cats are too often known for their association with bad luck, Halloween, witchcraft, blah blah blah... Silly superstitions! 😫 The only difference is in how people think about them. The thought of a scary black cat on a witch’s broom is so overdone it is really not even worth talking about. 💣

  So, we want to help combat the false, harmful, illogical, unfair and stupid superstitions about black cats because however, despite their bad reputation, they are really NO different from any other kitties.

  A cat, regardless of the color of its coat, does NOT bring bad luck. Therefore, it makes no sense to delegate the course of events in our lives, whether they are lucky or not, to the sight or behavior of an innocent kitty. Yes, the stigma on black cats is 100% SILLY. 👎

   But... fortunately, clever people 👦👧 or cat lovers 😻 will agree that ALL CATS are cute and funny, whatever their breed, size or color of their fur!

Some positive facts about Black Cats 👍
   To try and dispel negative myths about black cats, a 'National Black Cat Appreciation Day' was created to be celebrated on August 17 every year!

  Black is not only the color of feral cats. There are actually more than 20 cat breeds that may have solid black coats : Bombay, Oriental Shorthair, Persian, British Shorthair/longhair, Bengal, Maine Coon, American Bobtail, Sphynx, Scottish fold, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Turkish Angora, Japanese Bobtail, etc. 

  Black cats are known to be one of the most friendly and 💕 cuddliest cats. Lots of people claim black cats are more loving than other cats. They have great personalities, lovable characteristics.
   👩 “I have proof that the bad luck myth is all a lie. My two black fur babies have brought me nothing but love, good fortune and pure joy.”

Yes, we love black cats
Yes, we love 💕 BLACK kitties

  A Dark fur is very elegant and never dirty. Since we are wearing black to keep us looking slim we don’t have to worry about lots of cat fur on our clothes, hehe. 😄

  They have beautiful orange/yellow or green eyes. The way their eyes stand out from their black fur really does make them stand out more!

  They’re always fashionable. Their black coats will never go out of style, and a black cat will never clash with any color you’re wearing.

   “Star Trek”, “The Simpsons ” and “The Aristocats” feature black cats, so fame is probably right around the corner for you and your black kitty.

  If you adopt a black kitten or cat (good idea!) you can tell your kids you adopted a... mini black panther. 😁

   Bonus: black cats may be healthier than other cats due to their genetics! The black gene occurs in the same protein family responsible for fighting off disease. So, researchers believe black cats have better immune systems than felines of other colors.

Some examples of cultures and countries 🌏 who love 💕 Black Cats
   In Ancient Egypt, ALL cats were considered sacred, so they were worshipped. Of course, this included black cats. So, killing a black cat, even if by accident, was severely punished!

Black cats are funny and affectionate!

   In the United Kingdom, black cats are thought to bring good luck. If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune. In English culture, it’s considered very good luck to present a bride with a black cat on her wedding day. It’s supposed to bring her good luck in her marriage. In Scotland, black cats are considered a symbol of prosperity.

   French peasants long believed that if a black cat was released at a crossroads where five roads intersect, the black cat would lead them to treasure. In the south of France, black cats have traditionally been treated very well, being looked after with close care as it thought to bring good fortune to the owner of the cat. They're are known as “magician cats” or “money cats.”

   The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment has set up Black Cat Day, an event that occurs every year on November 17th, as in Italy the 17th is linked to bad luck and superstitions, whose purpose is to rehabilitate the reputation of these poor black cats.
  Funny fact: the richest cat in the world is a black cat from Italy named 'Tommaso'. His rich owner left him $13 million (OMG! 🙀) when she died, giving 'Tommaso' a place in the Guinness world records!

   In Germany,  it is thought that if a black cat crosses the road from left to right it is a good omen. It’s also been long believed that black cats invite not only fortune in the way of good luck, but also in the way of wealth.

   Europeans from the north of the continent understood that looking after a black feline and making sure all of its needs are met, can secure good weather and a harm-free journey at sea.

   In some areas of Southern Europe, cats are thought to be able to smell death and perceive ghost.

   In Japan, young women are encouraged to own a black cat to increase their chances of romance. In Himeji there is a  black cat cafe that’s entirely devoted to black cats where visitors can pet them during their visit. Some Japanese people see a black kitty Japanese culture sees a black cat crossing your path as a good omen, good luck and may even say “Konichiwa” to enhance their fortunes.

  In many parts of Asia, having a black cat around is definitely seen as a good luck charm, bringing health prosperity and even love 💜

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OK, here is a selection of the MOST VIEWED Black Cat-Kitten animated GIFs we have posted up date (among... 400!)

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Funny Cat GIF • Funny and cool black cat giving unlimited high fives []
Funny & cool Black Cat
giving infinite high fives 👋

Funny Cat GIF • Cute kitty playing fast peek-a-boo between girl's thighs
Black Kitten plays
Peek-a-Boo with Mom
► Funny & cute 💕

Cute Cat GIF • How to create 2 short pigtails on your cat. Funny and pretty black cat []
How to create 2 short
pigtails on your
Black Cat's head ❤

Funny Kitten • Fast kitty Sorry Mom, but this seat is taken, I WAS HERE FIRST!” []
Super fast Black Kitten
“Sorry Mom, this seat is
taken, I was here first!”

Funny Cat GIF • Cole the black cat funny Kitty sliding all over wood floors like a pro sCATer
Funny Black Cat sliding
all over wood floors
with a purrfect balance 👌

Amazing Kitten GIF • Impurrsible 'Hotdog Mission'? Nope, because that black kitty is an amazing acrobat! []
Funny Black Kitten
stole a hot dog. Mode
'Acrobat' activated! 👍

Funny Cat GIF • Black sucking on his big pacificer like baby []
Funny Black Cat sucking
on his big pink pacifier 👶

Cute Kitten GIF • Kitty's head brushed with a mascara brush. So funny and adorable black head []
Mascara brush time for
cute Black Kitten 💓

Cute Kitten GIF • Happy black cat playing on a snowy car roof!  So much joy! []
Happy Black Cat playing
with snow ❆❆ on car roof!

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Tickle... Tickle... Black Kitty is ticklish when her human scratches his belly []
Black Kitty is ticklish
when human scratches belly

Funny Cat GIF • Black cat with red harness walking fast in white snow []
Brave Black Cat
walking fast in snow...

Funny Kitten GIF • Just a little ride in the dust pan for 3 cute and funny black kitties []
Ride in the dust pan for
3 snuzzy Black Kittens 😊

Funny Cat GIF • Black cat jumps on the kitchen worktop in a complicate way []
Funny Black Cat
jumps on the kitchen
worktop in a cat way 😂

Cute Cat GIF • Rescued feral black kitty discovers the wonderful world of neck and chest belly rubs []
Rescued Black Kitten 💗
discovers the wonderful world
of neck and chest rubs 😀

Funny Cat GIF • Weeee! Funny black cat have fun going down that concrete slide []
Weeee! Funny Black Cat
going down concrete slide 🔃

Funny Kitten GIF • Black Kitty jumps like crazy chasing and copying ping pong ball, haha []
Boink! Boink! Boink!
Funny Black Kitten
copying ping pong ball

Funny cat GIF • Black cat running and purrkouring for treats. So fast, agile and funny []
Amazing Black Cat running
super fast for treats!
Mode 'Purrkour' activated

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable black kitten sleeping in a cherry pie with her teddy bear []
Cute Black Kitten 💗
sleeping in a cherry pie
with her Teddy bear

Funny cat GIF • 'Tom and Jerry' in real life. Weird scene between a black cat and a crazy Mouse []
Confused Black Cat and
crazy mouse! WTF? 👀

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitty plays with broom. For sure, it's the World's least expensive cat toy, haha []
Funny Black Kitten playing
HARD with the red broom 😄

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny black kitty following his owner on beach, purrfectly swimming in the sea []
Amazing Black Cat
purrfectly swimming! 😲

Funny Cat GIF • Cute kitten fails at climbing big cushion. Haha poor baby it was a trap []
Treat? Funny Black Kitten
fails at climbing big cushion
Awww poor kitty 💗

Funny Cat GIF • Agile black cat steals shoes of his human. "They are mine right meow." []
Funny Black Cat steals
shoes of his hooman! 😂

Christmas Cat GIF • Funny black cat wearing an amazing costume made from flashing light bulbs
Funny Black Santa Cat
wearing a colorful costume!

Cute Kitten GIF • Kitty Cargo. "If it fits I sits". Funny black Kitten enjoys his new orange toy []
Funny Black Kitty cargo
“'If it fits, I sits!” 💖

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird black cat with long neck like giraffe and round eyes like owl chasing a fly []
Mysterious Black Cat
with a loooong neck,
chasing a fly

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable black Kitty sleeping on its back having tuna dreams sticking tongue out []
Black Kitten, you are
so cute and sweet...
❤ Cuteness overload ❤

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever black cat doing awesome tricks with her owner. He's the King of high fives []
Amazing Black Cat
doing funny tricks! 👋 👊

Amazing Cat GIF • Kitten shower time. How to wash his hair under the sink faucet. Very patient kitty
Bath time for Black Kitten

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny black cat with a green lizard on his head []
Funny Black Cat and
  playful lizard 😄

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable tiny black kitten taking her bottle, kneading with big paws and sharp claws!
Mini Black Panther taking
her delicious bottle 💗

Funny Cat GIF • Wow! Ninja cat jumps over her sleepy owner in this amazing slow motion footage []
‘Leapfrog’ the Crazy Black
  jumps over Mom! 👀

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny black Cat riding a horse. Best fiends always hanging out together. Cute interspecies friendship []
'Morris' the Black Cat
on 'Champy' the horse 🐴

Captioned Cat GIF • Funny black cat in the wind wearing a yelow scarf []
Fabulous Black Cat in the
wind wearing yellow scarf

Funny Cat GIF • Black Scottish cat fold with hunting mode activated. So amazing big round eyes []
Funny Black Cat
*Hunting mode activated*
with big round eyes!

Funny Kitten GIF • Girl feeding five kitties together with food on five fingers. Very cute and funny
Feeding 5 Black Kitties
with food on 5 fingers

Funny Cat GIF • Black Cat hugging his big tail. 'I love you my black tail, do you understand?' []
Funny Black Cat hugging
its metronome tail 😄

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable black kitty likes to be petted. Precious little baby for black cat lovers
Cute Black Kitten 💗
enjoys sweet head rubs

Funny Cat GIF • Playful kitten tries to catch turning T.P., hanging from ceiling fan, haha crazy game
Hilarious Black Kitten 😂
(ceiling fan + toilet paper)

Funny Cat GIF • Cat trick: clever cat pushing lawn mower toy in the kitchen in order to get some treats
Funny Black Cat pushing
his green lawn mower 😄

Funny Cat GIF • Hungry desperate black cat standing up, begging for treats
Desperate Black Cat 😄
begging for treats

Cute Kitten GIF • Tiny black kitten running after 2 girls going to school
Cute Black Kitten 💗
“Hey, don't leave me!”

Amazing Cat GIF • NO impurrsible Mission for this amazing cliffhanger black Cat
Amazing Black cliffhanger
Cat: “I can do it!” 😲

Art Cat GIF • Black Kitty likes to play Country guitar ♪♫ He's Got the rhythm in his blood (and I got the Blues)
Funny Black Kitten
playing country guitar 😄

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Funny and cute black Kitty running after its human in  the house back and forth
Cute & funny Black Kitty
following the leader 💗

Amazing cat GIF • Black cat catwalking during the quarantine aka fashion week. Gorgeous and funny...
Super elegant Black Cat
doing the real catwalk 👍

Funny reverse Cat GIF • Crazy black Kitten jumping and walking on hind legs WTF?
Funny Black Kitten 😄
Paranormal CATivity!

Funny Cat GIF • Baby duck sticks with Mama cat. “Leave me alone, I am not your mother!”
Funny Black Cat 😄
“I’m NOT your mother!”

Funny Kitten GIF • Black Batcat amazing, funny and cute cat breed with HUGE ears
Funny & cute Black
Oriental shorthair Kitten

Funny Cat GIF • Clumsy black cat drinking in a messy way, haha, it's a white shower!
Hilarious Black Cat 😂
►Milk shower time!

Crazy Kitten GIF • BOOM! Cage destruction Ninja kitty wanted to be free
Crazy Ninja Black Kitten 🙀
“I'm freeeeeeeeee!”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat wearing a paper bag mask. WTF are you doing. I'm a bagcat right Meow!
Hilarious Black Cat 😂
with scary paper bag mask

Funny Cat GIF • Black cat doesn't want candy but prefers candy wrapper. This is the cat logic
Funny Black Cat prefers
candy paper
🍬 to candy! 😄

Amazing Cat GIF • Cats are liquid! Black Cat gets into the fish bowl thinking he is a catfish.
Funny liquid Black Kitten
“If it fits, I nap in it!”

Funny Cat GIF • Amazing black cat acting like an human. “At first I said YES, but then NO!”
NO-NO-NO Black Cat 😄

Amazing Cat GIF • Pawesome black cat driving a car like a boss. “Baby you can drive my car” ♫ ♪
Amazing Black Cat 😲
driving his new car!

Funny Kitten GIF • Black Kitty pooping a water balloon. Haha Surprise ! Run kitty, run
Funny surprised Black Kitten 
Water Balloon explosion! 😄

Art Cat GIF • WOAH, what a goal! Black kitty playing soccer better than Messi + Ronaldo + Neymar 👍👌
Amazing Black Cat 😲
playing ⚽ soccer like a pro.

Amazing Cat GIF • Cool black polydactyl cat gives thumbs up in a funny way
Cool polydactyl Black Cat:
This 'Best Top' is 👍”

We miss you Cole ♥ Rest in peace
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