Top Best 'Real MEN LOVE πŸ’• CATS' (animated GIFs)

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Cute cat GIF • affectionate kitty cuddling man crying. Don't cry Dad I love ♥ you... []
“Don't cry Dad, she left you
but I'm still here with you
and I love you πŸ’ž Purrrr...”

Christmas Cat GIF • Amazing cat lover with his 3 cats taking a walk in New York city streets []
Amazing cat lover with his 3 cats
taking a walk in NYC streets! πŸŽ„

Cute Cat GIF • Sweet and cuddly cat loves, hugs and cuddles with his human []
So sweet and cuddly cat:
“l love πŸ’• you MY Dad

Funny Cat GIF • Playful kitty likes to sliiiiiiiiiiiiide on the floor haha  []
“New game with Daddy! I like to
slide on slippery wood floor 😸

Funny Cat GIF • Super cool and clever cat doing high five and fist bump with his human []
“High ✋ fives & fist πŸ‘Š bumps
with my hooman...”

Funny Cat GIF • Fluffy cat loves to be brushed. 'Don’t FURRget to brush my tail' []
“It's OK Dad, but don’t
FURRget to brush my tail…”

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable kitty kneading hard the shoulder of his human. 'I love you my human' []
“I love πŸ’• you Dad, do you understand?”

Amazing Cat GIF • Man walking his fluffy ginger cabbit in the street []
Man walking his fluffy Cabbit 😸🐰

Cute Cat GIF • Affectionate kitty wants to be petted. “Dad I need love  and affection...” []
“Please Dad, pet me,
I need love πŸ’• and tenderness.” 

Funny Kitten GIF • Lazy kitty purring on computer. At first azert.y, then qwert.y and now kitt.y []
NEW computer Keyboard. “A
purring one just for Dad!”

Amazing Cat GIF • Purrfect man feeding his 9 cats! Proof that real men love ♥ cats []
One more proof that
 REAL MEN love πŸ’– cats 😻

Funny Cat GIF • Party Hard! Crazy cat lover dancing with his cat they are so funny together []
“Party Hard with my crazy Daddy!”

Cute Cat GIF • Purrfect cat rescue. Saving my poor cat 'Boris', who got snowed in the outhouse []
“Saving my poor cat who got
snowed ❆❆❆ in the outhouse!”

Funny Cat GIF • When your Ninja cat is the winner of the Bottle cap challenge. Purrfect kick in slow motion []
Funny Bottle cap challenge with my Dad

Amazing Cat GIF • Good Samaritan rescues with a broom a poor cat that fell in the river! []
Good man rescues with a broom
a poor cat that fell in the river

Cute Kitten GIF • Awwdorable tiny kitty sleeping in human hand, yawning and stretching []
Smol kitten doing a double
hind leg stretch in Dad hand

Cute Cat GIF • Good man give a fish for free to hungry begging cat at supermarket. 'Thank your sir.' []
A good man gives a fish for free to a
hungry feral cat begging for food

Funny Cat GIF • Amazing, fearless & playful cat likes to swing like...a kid! []
“Please Grandpa, push me faster...faster.
Weeeeeeee! Life is fun!”

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • James Bond 007 movie. Blofeld petting Chinchilla Persian cat []
Secretive SPECTRE leader 'Blofeld'
petting his Chinchilla Persian cat
( James Bond 007 movie)

Funny Cat GIF • ”Throw me dad!” Funny playful cat loves sliding on wood floor again and again! []
“Throw me Dad, again and again...
Playful cat loves sliding on wood floor

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable kitty needs love and want to cuddle with his Dad []
"Daddy, please gimme lots
of ♥ love and attention...”

Cute Cat  GIF • Gorgeous Persian cat enjoys belly rubs in the grass []
“Yeah Dad, rub my belly and
my chest, I love you “ ♥♥♥

Cute Cat GIF • Polite cat wants some tenderness. ''Please my human pet me...'' []
Loving kitty: "Please Dad, pet
my head. Show me your love.”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat and its owner meowing in sync haha those funny faces []
Funny cat and his crazy Dad
meowing in sync (copycat)

Cute Cat GIF • Cat lover playing piano with his affectionate cat who loves his music. So sweet ♥ []
Saper Duman: “I take care of Istanbul
stray cats and I have 11 cats in my house.
My music lover, sweet child...”

Funny Cat GIF • Persian Cat riding in his shoe box. He likes it." They see me rollin', they hatin'"
'Eric' ridin' in his shoe
box pulled by his good Dad

Amazing Cat GIF • One real man and his patient Cat ► Purrfect workout together at home []
“Helping my handsome Dad. He
get back in shape for summer...

Cute Cat GIF • Cute sleepy Cat is in love with his owner Let me hug your arm []
Affectionate sleepy cat is
in love with his boy

Cute Kitten GIF • How cute is this little kitty? You just exploded from cuteness overload []
Real men love & protect cute kittens

Scary Kitten GIF • Great rescue by 2 dudes, great bravery by the jumping kitty []
Great rescue by two cat lovers,
great bravery by the kitten!

Cute Kitten GIF • Snuzzy kitty copying her human bouncing like him. Follow the leader []
Cute kitty following her Dad,
bouncing in a kitty way

Cute Kitten GIF • Aww... Kitten love is unconditional! “Gimme a little kiss, Dad.” []
Aww... Kitten loves 'his' Man!

Cute Cat GIF • Affectionate cat asks for head boops. “Please hooman love me.” []
Loving πŸ’• cat: “Pleaaase Dad
give me head boops.”

Cute Cat GIF • Big sleepy cat loves cuddles in Dad's arms. Purrfect tenderness ♥ So cute pet
Affectionate cat loves
to cuddle in Dad's arms
♥ Purr tenderness ♥

Cute Cat GIF • Affectionate cat wants more tenderness ♥ Please pet me human, I need your love ♥
“Please Dad, pet me,
I need your ♥ love.”

Funny Cat GIF • Man fishing  with 6 hungry cats. They 're funny and cute
Man fishing with 4 kitties:
“Oh noooo Dad you lost it!
C'mon try again, we're hungry!”

Cute Cat GIF • Ultimate purrsuit: 5 ferocious kitties chasing a scared man. A terrifying but cute death coming soon.
5 cute kitties chasing
their hooman Dad!

Affectionate Cat GIF • Cute cat wants to be petted: “Please, all I need is your love.” ♥
Emotional Kitty. All she needs
is tenderness from Daddy 

Funny cat GIF • Crazy cat enjoys being hung upside down and getting his belly rubbed, haha
“This is my Dad giving his beloved
cat sweet upside down belly rubs.

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable fluffy Persian cat in his little bed likes head and belly rubs. Cuteness ♥ overload
Wonderfully cute! Man, you're
a real cat lover πŸ’•

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable white kitten in car needs love from her dad. Hug me I love you ♥
Hug me Dad, I need your love ♥

Funny Cat GIF • Affectionate cat thinks that human hand is the best pillow. No more telework at home haha.
Men know that telework from
home with a cuddly cat
is just impurrsible mission

Kitten GIF • Good man saves clever kitty lost in cold water, with a rope. God bless you both ♥ ♥“
Bless you Man ♥ for saving
this poor kitten with a rope!
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