Sleepy cat having an horrible nightmare: the struggle is real!

Amazing Cat GIF • Cat having an horrible nightmare, falls on the floor but decided to continue its nap, haha
He dreams he's fighting ferocious cat Zombies! (but right back to sleep Zzzz...)
“Yes, I like when the cat falls down and decided to sleep again, whatever, haha.”
“Sudendy cat.exe has stopped working. Now, you must restart the cat playing dead.”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Weird cat sleeping on couch dreaming trembling jumping and sleeping again OMG!
And he's not the only one...
Et il n'est pas le seul...

Art Cat GIF • Infinite loop • Swimming kitty. "C’mon Faster, faster, faster, faaasteer!"
Even kittens have nighmares
C’mon little guy, save yourself:
1. Faster >> 2. Faster
3. Faster >> 4. FAAASTEEER!
MΓͺme les chatons font des cauchemars.