How to roll a cute little Purrito

Funny Cat GIF • Girl showing how to roll a cute purrito with a tolerant kitten
“I want that burrito not to eat but to give it my love...”
“Quarantine has turned me into an overstuffed purrito.”
“I’m guessing that Billy would not let you turn him into a burrito.”
“You got some lettuce hanging out the top.”
"Quand, durant ce 2e confinement, tu te remets à faire la cuisine en préparant un burrito de chaton."
“Welcome to motherhood.”
“Hazlo con galileo así de bonitu.”
“Wahhhh I miss when they are this small.”
“OMG, such a tolerant kitty! My crazy kitten would take my eyes if I tried this hahaha.”
“Kan du inte göra en loui burrito.”
“LMAO! I love how the kity is like “WTF is going on bro, I'm just tryna vibe!”
[Video @olivee_yaa]
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