“My music lover, sweet child” (Real men love ♥ Cats)

Cute Cat GIF • Cat lover playing piano with his affectionate cat who loves his music. So sweet ♥ [ok-cats.com]
Saper Duman: “I take care of Istanbul cats.  I treat and feed the stray animals in Istanbul and I have 11 cats in my house.”
“I’ve never seen anything this beautiful between man and Kitty, so so sweet.”
“Aww... My heart just melted! Sweet cat, wonderful! Full of the emotion.”
“So adorable. That cute cat is so chilled out.” ❤
“One of those “I CAN'T EVEN' moments!”
“I got tears in my eyes.”
“You are a beautiful man! The passion your heart carries for animals (in Instanbul) is a breath of fresh air!”
“This is heartwarming. Made my day!”
[Video: sarperduman]

Cats are 'Real men' Detectors
Kitties are 'Real men' detectors.