A funny Calico cat deliberately knocks 7 handmade Xmas figurines off the mantle! Game over 😾

Christmas Cat GIF • A funny scroogelike Calico cat deliberately knocks a family of Handmade Christmas figurines over.
“A Scroogelike cat named 'Taiga' who lives with her human 'Christell' 👧 has taken to expressing her displeasure with the upcoming holiday by repeatedly knocking a family of warmly dressed Christmas figurines off of the mantle. Sometimes 'Taiga' will carefully bad them down one at a time, at other times she’ll mow them down with her whole body.”
“She is a murderer, a tyrant, a dictator!” 😁
“1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Why three are spared!? It disturbs me more that the cat didn’t knock all of them down.” 😏
“I love the 'you can stay, SiKE.'” 😼
“She mades her daily routine to push off these handmade Christmas dolls from the shelf, don't try to understand WHY!”
Because CAT, that's why, hehe” 😸
“Because Xmas time is over and she knows a New Year is coming!”
“Hmmm...I can't see cats and Kachinas living harmoniously.”
“Cats need to keep the place clean so they don't make noise when stalking preys.”
“Adopt a Calico they said, they're 100% good girls they said...” 😂
“Prey play behaviour that turns into "Aha! Human gives me attention when I do this!”
“The elf on the shelf? More like the SELF on the shelf. Now stop filming and feed me!”
[ORiGiNAL video: snovit321@twitter.com] 👍