A funny Calico cat deliberately knocks 7 handmade Xmas figurines off the mantle! Game over 😾

Christmas Cat GIF • A funny scroogelike Calico cat deliberately knocks a family of Handmade Christmas figurines over.
“A Scroogelike cat named 'Taiga' who lives with her human 'Christell' πŸ‘§ has taken to expressing her displeasure with the upcoming holiday by repeatedly knocking a family of warmly dressed Christmas figurines off of the mantle. Sometimes 'Taiga' will carefully bad them down one at a time, at other times she’ll mow them down with her whole body.”
“She is a murderer, a tyrant, a dictator!” 😁
“1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Why three are spared!? It disturbs me more that the cat didn’t knock all of them down.” 😏
“I love the 'you can stay, SiKE.'” 😼
“She mades her daily routine to push off these handmade Christmas dolls from the shelf, don't try to understand WHY!”
Because CAT, that's why, hehe” 😸
“Because Xmas time is over and she knows a New Year is coming!”
“Hmmm...I can't see cats and Kachinas living harmoniously.”
“Cats need to keep the place clean so they don't make noise when stalking preys.”
“Adopt a Calico they said, they're 100% good girls they said...” πŸ˜‚
“Prey play behaviour that turns into "Aha! Human gives me attention when I do this!”
“The elf on the shelf? More like the SELF on the shelf. Now stop filming and feed me!”
[ORiGiNAL video: snovit321@twitter.com] πŸ‘