Good nap AWWdorable ❤️ baby, sweet dreams in your crib...

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable kitten sleeping on her back like a human baby. Cuteness overload []
“I can’t stop watching this. This wins the Internet of cats and gonna be viral!”
“Cuteness Overdrive Engaged!” 💕
“I thought it was going to be a baby…although the kitty is a baby and that is adorable.”
“No one can be more happy. NO.”
“I'm crying ❤️ cuteness overload.”
“Why is she so cute, it's illegal!”
“The hind paws and pink bean toes are so cute.”
“Next time you feel stressed watch this adorable kitty.”
“Soo kawaiii.”
“In just one word, I say: AWWWW!” 💖

Cute Cat GIF •  Pink Dream. Adorable kitten sleeping in a crib like a human baby. Cuteness overload
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