When a stubborn duck becomes a punching bag! Paw Paw Paw Paw!” 🐾

Funny Cat GIF • Standing cat slapping stubborn duck! “Crazy duck doesn't give a shit [ok-cats.com]
“Mode 'slap machine' activated: fight of the year.”
“The cat is not the guilty here. The duck was biting his nip norp.”
“If either wanted to hurt the other feathers and fur would be flying.” “Crazy duck don't give a sh*t, haha.”
“Hmm.. masochist duck likes to slapped, haha!”
“Nobody is getting hurt though. Claws were not out.”
“The Rocky Balbocat approach to fighting. Eye of the Tiger!”
“The duck is trying to groom the cat and the cat is batting it to get it to back off.”
“The other cat was trying to stay out of it.” πŸ˜‚
“The standing cat looks like a chubby penguin.”
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