💕 Cute Mini-Me Tuxedo kitty with Mom 💕

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable 'Mini-Me', Tuxedo cat version. Purrfect Copy and mini Paste [ok-cats.com]
Soooo cute! This made my Monday 🐾❤️
  “Purrfect Copy and mini Paste” 👍
  “Aww cute Tuxi Mom and baby.” 💜
  “Hmm... Don't need DNA test.” 😁
  “The epitome of cuteness!” 🖤 🖤
  “Copycat. They melt my heart.”  ♥️
  “Oh sooooo cuteeeee: they look so alike!” ❤️❤️
  “I think I just exploded.” 😻 😻
   Hahaha, Genetics looks like essential in this case...” 🤣
[Video @zikrettinn]

Cute mini-me Tuxedo cats
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